Student Advisory Board

The WCA student advisory board is comprised of a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who collect student feedback, encourage engagement and share resources, all to improve student experiences and access to analytics resources and opportunities at Wharton.

Lee Barnes, WG'22

Lee Barnes is a Wharton MBA candidate from Kansas City, Missouri. He attended Duke University where he studied Economics and Markets & Management Studies. After his time at Duke, Lee moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he worked as a Management Consultant at Accenture. At Wharton, Lee is involved with the Wharton Marketing Club (Co-Chair of the 2021 Wharton Marketing Conference), the Non-Profit Board Fellows Program, and during the 2021-2022 school year will work as a Teacher’s Assistant for Marketing 101. Outside of Wharton, Lee is passionate about education equality and is also a student at Penn’s Graduate School of Education to obtain his Master’s in Education Policy. On weekends, Lee loves a good brunch and traveling across the country (or internationally) to visit friends, family, and new places alike.


Zach Bradlow, W'22

Hey, I’m Zach and I am a senior in Wharton studying Finance and Business Analytics with minors in Data Science and Computer Science. I spent my first two years at Penn trying to navigate a path to balance my quantitative love for numbers with my qualitative passion for sports into real-world opportunities; as a junior, I was so happy that I finally found that with Wharton Analytics Fellows. I have worked on two incredible sports projects in the past year: leading a project to optimize roster construction for an NFL team and working with an MLB front office to exploit patterns within a certain position group. Personally, I am really interested in working in the data science field, which I did this past summer interning on an investment research team at a growth equity firm. My hobbies include playing or watching any sport, (ideally) winning strategy board games, being a Penn breakfast sandwich food truck expert, and binging reality television. Happy to answer any questions!

Wharton analytics fellows

Ashley Clarke, W'23

My name is Ashley Clarke, and I am a junior at Wharton concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics. I joined Wharton Analytics Fellows during my first semester at Penn. Before college, I had minimal data analytics knowledge. Now, I have had the opportunity to work on three Wharton Analytics Accelerators. These projects taught me how to identify key customer segments using k-means clustering, conduct sentiment analysis on text data, predict a customer’s lifetime value, and countless other skills. Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative and Wharton Analytics Fellows did a great job simplifying and explaining complex data science topics. Currently, I am interested in integrating data science with finance, and I am spending my summer working in investment banking. In my future career, I hope to combine business and data science to solve real-world problems. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, watch reality tv, try new restaurants, run by the river, and bake. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me!

Wharton analytics fellows

Paul de La Borde, W'23

I’m Paul, and I’m a junior studying Business Analytics at Wharton. I’ve been with WAF since the fall of my freshman year, and it’s been a great experience that helped me develop my passion for data science. Through WAF, I’ve worked with clients such as Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation and Lidl USA. I’m interested in the application of data science to any field, and I spent my sophomore summer interning in equity research. Outside of class, I enjoy rock climbing, reading, and cooking. I hope to see you in a WAF project soon!

Wharton analytics fellows

Hassan Hammoud, W'23

Hassan Hammoud is a junior studying Finance and Statistics at the Wharton School and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Data Science from the School of Engineering. I was first drawn into the world of analytics as a freshman when I joined the Wharton Analytics Fellows. Since then, I’ve been able to work on amazing projects, from predicting user purchasing behavior using k-NN to estimating customer CLV and longevity. Right now, I’m interested in exploring how to apply my data science skills in the world of finance, and I’ll be spending next summer on a trading floor in pursuit of that goal. In my free time, I love reading, watching anime, skating and hanging with friends, and playing pretty much any sport. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the program!

wharton analytics fellows

Sangwoo Jin, WG'22

Wharton MBA Analytics Club

Brian Lee, C’22, GEng ’23

Brian Lee is a master’s student in the Bioengineering program and undergraduate in the Biology department at Penn (C’22, GEng ’23). He was a CASURG scholar in 2020. He is broadly interested in using computational techniques to make sense of biological/biomedical data; currently, he studies multi-omics and genetic data to better understand biological contributors to Alzheimer’s disease.

Penn data science group

Tiffany Moi, M&T'22

wharton undergraduate data analtics club

Akshat Talreja, W'23

Akshat is an undergraduate student at Wharton from Singapore and India studying Finance, Statistics, & Data Science. He is the founder and president of AI@Penn, Penn’s premier organization for students passionate about AI, the founder of AI@X, a spin-out from AI@Penn building a nationwide community of students passionate about AI with presence currently at Penn and Columbia, and the Executive Vice President of the Wharton Data Analytics Club. Having previously worked across Natural Language Processing, Fraud Detection, & Recommender Systems, Akshat is passionate about the use of AI to drive automation & efficiency within businesses.


Simona Vigodner, W'22

Marketing undergraduate student establishment

Warren Wang, W'22

Hi, I’m Warren! I’m a senior studying Finance + Statistics in Wharton while also pursuing a Master’s in Data Science from Penn Engineering. After some exposure to analytics through a variety of classes and programs (like WAF!) early on, I discovered a passion for data science, especially when applied in the field of technology. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to work on many interesting data science projects in and out of school—most recently as a data science intern on the AI for AR team at Facebook, where I’m helping my team construct a scalable approach to source rare data for model training. Outside of my data-related interests, I’m a (semi-retired) competitive chess player, a huge movie buff, and an ardent sports fan.

wharton analytics fellows

Sophie White, WG'22