Fairness in AI – Lessons from Practice

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Pymetrics helps companies build the workforce of the future, using behavioral science and audited AI technology. Dr. Vaughan will discuss their efforts to deploy machine learning at scale, with a particular focus on their efforts towards diversity, fairness, accountability, and transparency. Lastly, he will discuss the road ahead for fairness in the AI space, with learnings derived from the many challenges (and benefits) of their efforts deploying AI in a regulated environment.Read More

The Perils of Data Analytics

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Data analytics helps marketer learn about their customers with target precision, from the movies they watch on Netflix to their favorite scoops of chocolate ice cream. Data is ubiquitous, essential, and beneficial except when it’s not. Experts warn that data analytics is at an inflection point.Read More

Data Analytics as a Source of Truth and a Force for Good

Advertising, like any other form of content, has the ability to change people. That is its primary purpose, to impact hearts and minds. Its messages are meant to reach consumer segments that inspire audiences to take action. In her keynote address at the Wharton Annual Analytics Conference, Jamie Moldafsky, chief marketing and communications officer at Nielsen, discussed the moral imperative to use data and analytics as a force for good, and ultimately, systemic change.Read More

Three Things to Know About the Direction of Data Analytics

During the recent 2021 Wharton Annual Analytics Conference at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, leaders in business gathered virtually to discuss the latest business trends in data analytics. The message across industries was clear: data is a powerful tool that companies large and small are using to make deeper, stronger, more effective decisions with the goal of improving everything from products and innovation, to their relationships with customers.Read More