Corporate Partnership Program

Harness the Power of Corporate Partnership

Our innovative partnership program accelerates your company’s digital transformation and develops data-driven leaders with the latest advances in AI, machine learning, and business intelligence, using our global consortium of academics, students, and industry practitioners.


Accelerated Business Transformation

Examine a specific business question as you grow your AI, ML, and data analytics capabilities

Talent Sourcing and Development

Collaborate on a challenge to engage with and source top talent for recruiting and employee development

Leadership Network

Work with Wharton faculty, industry experts and our largest network of data-driven leaders through programs and events

How We Collaborate

Academics and students use your datasets and the latest techniques in machine learning and AI to solve real-world business problems.

• Project durations range from 10-16 weeks (student) to 24 months of research (faculty)

• Number of researchers involved can range from 2-30

• Models and insights customized for your business

Choose between two student projects (one per year) or one faculty project (two years).

Partnership Cost: $200,000 

(2-year engagement, $100,000 annually)

Choose the Option that is Right for Your Team

Leverage your projects with Wharton to enhance the data literacy and analytics culture across your team and organization. Collaborate with world-class faculty and students to answer your company’s most-pressing business questions using machine learning and AI. Select two student projects (1 per year) or one faculty research project (2 years).

Student Projects

(2 options)

Derive deep insights and actionable ML models, acquire a new perspective for your business challenge, establish recruiting pipeline for students.

Analytics Accelerator

A Wharton team works with you to formulate a precise research question and dataset. A curated multidisciplinary team of Wharton and Penn students works alongside a Wharton faculty or mentor, and your company champion, on an 8-week project to deliver innovative models and solutions.


Work with our data science team to prepare questions and data. Several multidisciplinary teams of Wharton and Penn students compete over 2 weeks to provide innovative solutions and recommendations.

Faculty Research Projects

Gain access to 3,700+ academics, create innovative business tools, work alongside faculty.

Faculty Research Projects usually span 12-24 months and range from using one to several highly customized academic teams. Wharton faculty work with you to identify and scope a project, recruit top academic researchers, and facilitate meetings and project checkpoints until research completion.

“At Wharton, our teaching and research define the cutting edge in using data analysis to inform decision-making. Our students and faculty are applying these methods in real time to real problems, meeting the growing needs of organizations seeking talented people who can turn raw data into actionable business intelligence.”

– Eric T. Bradlow

Vice Dean of Analytics, the K.P. Chao Professor and Professor of Marketing, Economics, Education, and Statistics, chair of Wharton’s Marketing Department, and co-founder of Wharton Customer Analytics

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Case Studies and White Papers

Wharton Customer Analytics’ case studies and white papers showcase how our corporate partners have benefited through participating in our Analytics Accelerator, datathons and academic research projects.

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