Student Projects

Increase visibility as a thought leader and gain access to the Wharton and Penn talent pipeline by providing experiential learning opportunities.



Timely Insights

Draw accelerated business insights from top-tier students across Wharton and Penn with faculty guidance


Industry Innovation

Establish your company as an industry influencer by driving field-leading innovations or project outcomes


Source Top Talent

Leverage Wharton and Penn talent through student analytics projects while simultaneously feeding your company’s recruitment pipeline

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“The WCA student team brought fresh and innovative perspectives to campaign analytics at FOX Entertainment. This was a diverse and dynamic collaboration that allowed us to derive actionable insights from complex marketing datasets quickly, over a nine-week period.”

– Gina Bahremand, WG’11

VP, Audience Research, FOX Entertainment

Analytics Accelerators

A curated multidisciplinary team of Wharton and Penn students works alongside a Wharton mentor and your company champion on an 8-week project to explore your real-world business problem using your datasets and the latest techniques including machine learning and AI.

• Derive deep insights through engagements with Wharton students
• Teams receive guidance from Wharton mentors resulting in implementable insights
• Increase your brand awareness among Penn and Wharton students

Project Champion Time Commitments
• Preparation: 20-24 hours over the course of 4-6 months
• Project Execution: 10-12 hours over the course of 2 months
• Total Time: 30-36 hours


Spanning up to one week, several self-formed, multidisciplinary teams of Wharton and Penn students compete to present the most innovative solutions that may include machine learning to examine your business challenge and make recommendations using your data.

• Multiple teams recommend diverse solutions based on your business problem
• Reimagine business practices and discover new applications inspired by the teams’ findings
• Increase your brand awareness among Penn and Wharton students

Project Champion Time Commitments
• Preparation: 15-20 hours over the course of 4-6 months
• Project Execution: 5 hours during

$200,000/ two years
*Two-year Commitment. $100,000 annually.

Recent Projects

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Keeping Viewers Glued to Their Seats at the 2021 Analytics Accelerator

An MBA and undergraduate student team analyzed data from FOX Entertainment to help inform data-driven promotion strategies for marketing their TV shows.

Datathon Challenge: How to Boost Sales for a Global Retailer

Students compete is WCA’s first virtual datathon to help an international retailer find innovative ways to help the company improve its gross margins.

Wharton and WorkingNation Address Closing the Data Analytics Skills Gap

Business leaders and educators convened for a Town Hall on the rise of data analytics and filling a growing need for new jobs and more comprehensive education.