The Future of Analytics at Wharton

The era of big data has energized Wharton’s approach to business analytics education.

Analytics-Based Courses
Analytics Clubs Membership
MBA Students Majoring in Business Analytics
Annual Conferences and Public Events

Get Involved

Sharpen your data analytics skillsets through experiential learning programs and meet industry leaders through various networking opportunities.


Hone your analytics skills through intensive data competitions, working with actual companies using real-world datasets.

Analytics Accelerators

Broaden your analytics skillset through an experiential learning project and work with actual companies using real-world datasets.

Student Clubs

Connect with students and attend analytics-centered treks, datathons, networking events, conference panels, and more.

Online Modules and Workshops

Develop your data analytics skill set at your own pace through a variety of free, self-guided online modules and technical workshops.

Student Data Portal

Receive unprecedented access to individual-level datasets with real-world business contexts for your course projects, research, and more.

Wharton Analytics Fellows

Gain hands-on experience in data science and analytical consulting through the Wharton Analytics Fellows program.

Technical Assistant Program

Advance your data skills and work with actual, real-world company data, while helping to support our rapidly growing programs.