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A Critical Examination of Artificial Intelligence

Data analytics helps marketer learn about their customers with target precision, from the movies they watch on Netflix to their favorite scoops of chocolate ice cream. Data is ubiquitous, essential, and beneficial except when it’s not. Experts warn that data analytics is at an inflection point. Read More

Fairness in AI – Lessons from Practice

WAAC Title Slide_Alex Vaughan

Pymetrics helps companies build the workforce of the future, using behavioral science and audited AI technology. Dr. Vaughan will discuss their efforts to deploy machine learning at scale, with a particular focus on their efforts towards diversity, fairness, accountability, and transparency. Lastly, he will discuss the road ahead for fairness in the AI space, with ...Read More

How to Optimize Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

hands holding a visualization of omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing seems like a simple enough concept. Consumers like to shop online, offline, and across different channels, so firms need to meet them wherever they are. But coming up with an omnichannel marketing strategy is a lot more complicated than just collecting cookies and tracking purchases. Read More

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